Sean Savoy | House of Savoy: Will Kolb interview
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House of Savoy: Will Kolb interview

Will Kolb

22 Aug House of Savoy: Will Kolb interview

This is my “House of Savoy” (HOS) radio program interview with Will Kolb of Dallas, Texas. Will is a public relations man, author, social media networker, and advocate for the LGBT community. The program, which was recorded August 9, 2012, covered LGBT rights, gay marriage, the Chick-fil-A incident and other civil rights issues. The show aired August 12, 2012.

House of Savoy aired locally in Reno, Nevada, from September 2011 through August 19, 2012. HOS was pulled from the FOX News Radio affiliate, 99.1FM Talk, because of this interview. HOS is looking for a home.

Will Kolb Interview, Part 1:

Will Kolb Interview, Part 2:

Will Kolb Interview, Part 3:

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I am Sean Savoy -- writer, speaker, radio host, and administrator of Born in Reno, Nevada, USA, I am half North American and half South American, my dad being from the Pacific Northwest and my mom from Lima, Peru. I am an archaeo-explorer with 20+ years field experience in the high jungles of Peru, and I am a spiritual educator, trained in the religio-scientific System of Cosolargy, a universal and highly advanced teaching for personal transformation and self-activation by means of cosmic-solar energy and the higher, spiritual Intelligence potential behind it.

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